Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Love relentlessly.

These two words caught me tonight. As a follower of Christ, I am called to love relentlessly. But more often than not (way more often) I don't follow that way. Instead, I find myself thinking only about me. I find in myself a wholly self-centered attitude. The question running through the back of my mind is usually how will this benefit me?

Love relentlessly.

It keeps coming back. And I fall short each time because I can't even try hard enough to come close. My pastor said the other Sunday that when we get to a point of saying, "I can't do this by myself," then we're at a place where God can actually work in our lives. So that's where I am. On my own, I am not filled with love. I can't do this by myself. And yet, I am called...

Love relentlessly.

Which means there is a way. With Christ, it is possible to love relentlessly.

In love, Megan


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