Monday, February 28, 2011


I'm amazed how quick I am to judge. How quick I am to find fault. And, yet, in one conversation, just a few breaths, the Lord reveals to me my lack of grace for others.

The God of all grace, who gives a multitude of good and wonderful gifts to His children - to us, to me - can forgive and forgive and forgive. He blesses continually, never ceasing, without fail. Doesn't he say that those who've been forgiven much, love much? Isn't that grace, too? I, who have been given abundant grace, shouldn't I be giving grace abundantly? YES.

Here I stand, reminded by my Loving Father who I am meant to be - one who gives grace with abandon. And I am thankful. Thankful that He reminds. Thankful that He gives second chances (and third and fourth and fifth chances...) Thankful that He is the ultimate Grace-Giver for all the times I fall short and always. Thankful for the gift of moments, gentle nudges, and new days.

#94-102 of One Thousand Gifts...

ten beautifully extra minutes to sip, savor, and read

full conversation - the opening of a soul, a heart when ears are ready

dinner - the preparation of it

wet cloth over messy countertop - clean

soft background music of water in dishwasher

tired feet and toes (meaning I walked today)

the heart of the Body shared in stories

quiet eight o'clock hour in front of the fire

hard lovely reminders about my lack of grace and chances to start anew

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Life seems to me right now fragile. Not in an "I'm scared it's going to break" kind of way. But a fleeting, precious kind of way.

I don't want to lose out on it - any of it. Every part of my being hums with anticipation. This is it. Can you feel it - the gentle vibrations? Can you hear it - the tinkling of chimes all around? There is purpose here.

I can feel my arms open wide, spread out like wings for flight. And I'm twirling. Twirling in the hope of what my Creator has purposed and prepared. Twirling in the light of His promises. Twirling in the moment that stills and captures my heart. The briefest flash. Love.

Still. Take a moment. Breath. Rest. Glory.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Winter Snow

It snowed the other day - thick snowflakes falling silently and faithfully. It happened after Christmas, but it was still breathtaking.

That really has nothing to do with this, except in name. This song, by Audrey Assad, is possibly the most beautiful and heart-wrenching song I have ever heard. Our God is one who is quiet. He is steady and faithful. He is soft, gentle. He does not push us or drag us along; rather, He calls us to Him with a love so tender, so true. When I hear this song, I can only stand in awe of my God.

Listen - I know you'll love it.