Saturday, January 1, 2011

Winter Snow

It snowed the other day - thick snowflakes falling silently and faithfully. It happened after Christmas, but it was still breathtaking.

That really has nothing to do with this, except in name. This song, by Audrey Assad, is possibly the most beautiful and heart-wrenching song I have ever heard. Our God is one who is quiet. He is steady and faithful. He is soft, gentle. He does not push us or drag us along; rather, He calls us to Him with a love so tender, so true. When I hear this song, I can only stand in awe of my God.

Listen - I know you'll love it.


Karen said...

Megs, I, too, loved watching the snowflakes float to earth. I enjoyed the song, but mostly I loved reading your blog. You inspire me to go deeper in my relationship with our Father. I'm proud of you and I LOVE you! Mom

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