Saturday, March 6, 2010

Beautiful - a Saturday revelation

I was in a pre-institute meeting today for the National Writing Project. During the afternoon session, we participated in a teaching demonstration. My group got to read the book "Beautiful," a children's book, and work toward our own definition of beautiful.

On my way to the definition, I described the windows in my house as beautiful because they allow me to look out to the world. Through them, I am brought out of myself and into the world and creation. I called them beautiful because they draw you in without demanding your attention.

And I realized that I am much like a window - or I should be anyway. I should be the glass through which my neighbors, friends, and acquaintances see God. My relationship with Him should draw them in without demanding their attention so that their attention can rightly go to Him.

That's when I came to my definition of the word "beautiful." I think that something (or someone) is beautiful when it fulfills its purpose. Paintings are beautiful because they bring light, color, perspective, and joy to viewers, for which they are meant. Books are beautiful because they allow you to hear other people's stories (whether real or not) and find a fuller meaning out of life. I am beautiful when I come in close to Him and reveal His love by loving those around me.

I don't quite know how this looks, yet. I'm still praying through what it means and how I go about loving (relentlessly!) those around me. But, oh, how I want to be beautiful.

Where do you find beauty? Where do you find purpose?



Anonymous said...

this is beautiful, megan. i find beauty in honesty and meekness. i found beauty in your thoughts. glad i found you here in this blog world. thanks for taking a peek into mine as well. annie

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