Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Made for this...

On Sunday my pastor asked us, "What's in your hand?" Although short, the question is full and deep. What's in my hand for the kingdom? What's in my hand for God? What's in my hand that He's given me to use for His good? I do not have a physical thing like Moses had with his staff (where the story originated), so it makes answering the question a bit more difficult.

But as I pondered, I stumbled upon some beautiful and fun blogs - a medium of writing and art quite new to me. I realized that I have two things in my hand: writing and my story. I love to write, but don't have a ton of time as a middle school teacher. And God is taking me on some exciting and daring adventures that I want to share. Put them together, and...wah-lah, this blog became an idea playing around in my head.

It seems I am made for this. Writing, journeying, writing about journeying... So welcome to my blog about life.

Now, let me ask you: What's in YOUR hand?



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